Irish Family Crests

Irish Family Crests Bring the Past to Meet Present

Irish family crests and coat of arms have been used since medieval times to identify and honour Irish family names. More than one family crests exists for many families of the same name. For example, the Irish name of O’Connor has a dozen known coats of arms. During the 17th century, families with Gaelic or Irish names were at a significant disadvantage. Many changed their names to similar sounding Anglo or Scottish names. This led to an abundance of different coats of arms, even though one bloodline existed for the same name.

Today, Irish family crests are heraldry that represents family heritage. Each part of the coat of arms symbolizes a particular meaning. Even the shape of the shield may be different for each family, clan or sept. The colours represent a different value or ideal. For example, gold symbolizes generosity, while red symbolizes warriors. Blue is for strength and loyalty, while maroon means victorious.

There are hundreds of symbols incorporated into Irish family crests, too. Animals were popular on all heraldry. Examples include the lion, known for its fierce courage, the fish for a regal origin, and a griffin for a valiant solider. The shamrock, long associated with Irish folklore, represents longevity, while an anchor symbolizes hope.


There are a number of ways that you can find the Irish family crests associated with your name. There are several websites with coats of arms databases, but these are not always accurate. You can research your family crest yourself at your local library. However, it is usually easiest to find a company that will complete all the research for you. If one cannot be located, some companies can design a coat of arms specifically for your name today.

Choosing the colours, shield shape, lines, and symbols to create your new Irish family crests will surely be a great experience. Gather input from other family members or simply design it yourself. When you have made your decision, you can contact a company that will create the final coat of arms. Look for a company that has expert illustrators and painters to ensure that your family’s coat of arms is exceptional. 

You can find a number of ways to display these beautiful images of your heritage. From expertly designed pieces of heraldry jewellery to stunning embroidered tapestries, the sky is truly the limit. Perhaps you would like a flag, a plaque, or a family crest ring. You may wish to have gifts created with the Irish family crests for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, or other important occasions. These gifts will likely become family heirlooms, rich in heritage and history.

In closing, Irish family crests and coats of arms can represent your family, clan, or sept, with elegance and nobility. It is best to search for your earliest coat of arms, but you may want to create a new one that symbolizes your family today. It is a wonderful way to mix an important piece of the past with a wonderful new piece of the present for future generations to come.