Military Rings

Military Rings can be used to signify many different things. The most important element of  rings is to display pride in the service. The name of the soldier and the unit or division they served with will be engraved on the ring. Rings can be a token of simple affection. They can be a symbol of eternal love, like wedding rings, engagement rings and promise rings. They can signify membership in a fraternal organization, such as Masonic rings.

Military Rings in Gold and Silver

All the military rings displayed on this site and in the shop are custom made in Gold and Silver. Rings  can be designed to commemorate special milestones and achievements.  Military and service rings show a person’s pride in being a member of one of his or her country’s armed forces. Currently there is a great demand for deployment rings as these will become very much a record of history and military service.

military rings

Military Rings for All Branches !

Range Of Military Rings

There is an extensive range of military rings online, which can be fully personalized. There is also the signet rings which will display the branch emblem and the family name.

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Masonic Rings 
Masonic rings are one of the most popular jewelry. It adds to the personality of the wearer and forms a style statement as well. Masonic rings are available in many forms and are made up of various materials.

Custom Military Rings
A custom military ring is an icon that a person bears for his services to the country and gives a feeling of pride that lasts fro a whole life. These custom military rings are a mark of pride and patriotism that the soldiers bear around their finger on behalf of their nation.

military rings

This diagram will assist you in designing your ring !

Army Rings
The Army – men and women who protect us, and who protect our freedom, through their selfless sacrifice.  We honour those who serve, and who served in the past.  What better way to show their pride, what better way to honour their commitment and their sacrifices, than a beautiful Army ring that is a visual symbol of their participation?

Navy Rings
Navy rings can be designed to reflect a person’s service in the Navy in general – these rings often feature the familiar Eagle, Shield and Anchor emblem of the Navy.

Air Force Rings
Air Force rings can be designed to reflect a person’s service in the Air Force in general – these rings often feature the Silver Star and Blue Ribbons emblem of the Air Force.

Marine Rings
Marine rings can be designed to reflect a person’s service in the Marine Corp in general – these rings usually feature the famous Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem of the Marine Corps.

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